Late summer trekking

Experience the magical transition of seasons in the national park of Sarek. We will trek during the day, spend the evenings outdoors and sleep in traditional tipis of the north.

Where: Sarek National Park, Sweden
Level: Intermediate
Requirements: Trekking equipment, Water, Food for five days
Included: Guide, Accommodation
Price: 1500 EUR

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Detailed event description
We will meet up at the pick up spot of your choosing and head out to our starting point Kvikkjokk where we will spend our first night at the local mountain lodge.
Day 1:
Early bird we will head out in the remote and wild national park of Sarek with focus on finding our pace. Approximate distance 10 km. Before nightfall we will make camp for the night and enjoy the setting sun by the camp fire.
Day 2:
After a tipinight we continue our journey according to the abilities of the group. Approximate distance 15 km.
Day 3:
We will pick up the pace and reach our turning point. Approximate distance 20 km.
Day 4:
A day when we will enjoy more stops along the way, Approximate distance 20 km.
Day 5:
Last day we will take it slow and enjoy our last moments in the beautiful surroundings. We will reach the mountain lodge of the starting point early and spend the evening in the comfort of facilities. Approximate distance 5 km.
Day 6:
We will pack up and head home.